Photographer captures a beautiful moment between two horses

Max Lupidi was vacationing through Iceland during wintertime when he captured a heartwarming moment between two Icelandic horses.
The photographer noticed the horses had tracked a heart shape with their hoofprints, meeting together at the end for a sweet embrace. They stood out from the breathtaking wintry scenery around them:
Lupidi told the Iceland Monitor, "This was my unique shot of the day. The southern coast of an untouched landscape in Fljotshlid area, as far as the eye can see in wintertime. I discover an idyllic countryside with farms, mountains and the typical Icelandic horses in the snow. I stopped my car when I saw two horses walk away slowly and their hoof prints left a heart in the snow. A lovely vision."
The Icelandic horse is a unique breed native to Iceland but popular all over the world. According to the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, the first settlers of Iceland brought their best horses to the country, resulting in a refined breed of majestic horses. Icelandic horses come in all sorts of color patterns, so they are truly unique. These horses roam wild all over Iceland but are calm creatures. Residents and tourists can sometimes spot the wild horses around Reykjavik, the capital. Who knows what else will be found when exploring the natural beauty Iceland has to offer?

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