Top 10 competitors in the Extreme Mustang Makeover challenge

Mustangs face a real challenge in the United States. Their herd numbers continue to increase, yet the land available to them does not. In fact, the Bureau of Land Management regularly rounds up mustangs to keep the numbers in check, preventing overgrazing of the land and allowing the remaining horses to survive.
But what happens to the horses that are rounded up? That's the problem. The mustangs are put up for auction or adoption, but there are not so many homes capable of taking on an untrained horse. It's a shame, because with proper training, mustangs can make hardy riding horses. And that's where the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover comes in.
The Extreme Mustang Makeover is a competition to challenge trainers to work with previously unhandled mustangs. Trainers are given a specific amount of time during which they can work with their horses (about 100 days), and then they all come together to compete. During the competition, trainers must display how well-trained their mustangs are through a variety of challenges, including a freestyle where the trainer and mustang perform their very own routine. The competition helps to highlight the incredible talents and value of mustangs.
Take a look at this video; it's the top 10 competitors in the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover. The horses are impressively trained and responsive. But what makes this even more impressive is that these trainers are all in the youth division, which is limited to ages 8 through 17. That's some real skill you're seeing there!
At the end of each makeover, the mustangs are auctioned off to new homes (though the trainers themselves can bid on their own horses if they want to keep them). To date, Extreme Mustang Makeovers have been held in 10 cities across the United States. There have been 5,000 mustangs adopted at these events during the 10 years that the Mustang Makeovers have taken place. These makeovers continue to grow in popularity, all the while furthering the public's awareness of how special mustangs are. 
If you would like to learn more about participating in or attending an upcoming Extreme Mustang Makeover, be sure to visit the competition's official site.

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