Horses have quite an unusual reaction watching man try and back up horse trailer

Have you ever been around the barn and felt like your horse was laughing at you? Well, if your horses are anything like the ones in this fun commercial, that very well might be true. These horses can't get over how funny it is to watch drivers try to back up horse trailers. And with good reason, too - backing up a trailer isn't easy, especially when you're trying to get it into a small parking space.
But this herd has little to laugh about when a Volkswagen driver absolutely nails the trailer parking routine. No backups, no repositioning - just perfect on the very first try.
Do you have trouble backing up your horse trailer? It's a common issue that trailer drivers face, so don't feel bad. The problem is, when backing a bumper pull trailer, you need to turn your wheel in the opposite direction that you're used to. This leaves you feeling uncoordinated and a little bit out of control.
According to Online Towing Guide, a lot of the skill that you'll need to back a trailer comes with sheer practice. This means hitching up your empty trailer, heading to an empty parking lot, and spending some serious time backing it up into different spots.
But some handy tips are sure to help you as you learn. For starters, when you prepare to back up your trailer, put your hand on the bottom of your steering wheel. Then, tell yourself to turn the wheel in the direction you want the trailer to go. This gets rid of the backward steering issue, making it easier to quickly adjust the trailer's direction.
Don't forget to always use your side view mirrors when you back your trailer up. Trailers have large blind spots, so it's helpful to roll down your driver's side window to help, too. And if you have a friend who can get out and spot you, that's even better.
Learning to drive a trailer comes with time and practice. The more time you spend practicing in an empty lot, the better your skills will be when you're in a crowded area, and the pressure's on.

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