Watch the world famous Friesian stallion showcase its beauty (video)

Frederik the Great is a gorgeous and beloved Friesian stallion and it's not difficult to understand why after watching the majestic animal gallop and prance, showcasing his signature power and grace. In a video uploaded to YouTube on July 21, 2012, Frederik's owners at Pinnacle Friesians reference his worldwide appeal, describing the striking physical beauty and playful "showy" personality that make him such a captivating horse to behold.
Reminiscent of the stallion in Anna Sewell's classic book, "Black Beauty," Frederik the Great is the standing stud at Pinnacle Friesians, a renowned Friesian breeder located in the Ozarks of the United States. It's there that breeder Stacy Nazario selects their stallions in an effort to preserve the bloodlines of this remarkably magnetic horse. Nazario feels particularly passionate about Frederik, telling Twin Springs Equestrian Center that the horse is like her "guardian angel." She specifically recalls Frederik's tender and attentive behavior after she broke her foot several years ago, demonstrating their deep emotional bond.
According to the Friesian Horse Association Of North America (FHANA), the Friesian horse's roots originate in the Netherlands. Eventually exported to other parts of the world, it risked being crossbred and losing its purebred pedigree. (Pinnacle Friesians notes that the Friesian has almost gone extinct three times throughout history.) Yet the horse association states that thanks to the efforts of a small group of Friesian enthusiasts in the early 20th century, the breed has managed to endure. 
The Friesian horse, which the association notes is known for its "high knee action" that makes it an excellent trotter, is undeniably special. Whether because of the breed's resilience over the centuries or its strikingly handsome appearance, the Friesian is mesmerizing to watch — even for individuals who know nothing about horses. However, Frederik the Great truly stands out as an equine treasure thanks to video footage like this, and Nazario's anecdotes on his tender-hearted disposition make him that much more lovable.
Photographer: Cally Matherly
Credit: Frederik the Great

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