Friesian stallions reach new levels of magical in feathery, fantastical costumes

When you watch most horse shows, you'll see horses and riders in reserved dress. That is unless you're watching a costume class - and particularly a fantasy costume class, at that. You see, in a fantasy costume class, all bets are off. The wilder the costume, the better. Think feathers, glitter, and even some wings.
This video is of the fantasy costume class in the Northeast Friesian Horse Club Classic show. The horses are all impressive, but what's even more notable are the amazing costumes that the horses and riders sport. From a winged horse to a Native American theme, the costumes run the gamut regarding both inspiration and appearances.
Fantasy costume classes tend to be audience favorites because they're a lot of fun to watch. Whereas traditional or historic costume classes require that the costumes be historically accurate, fantasy costumes are limited only by your imagination.
Think it would be fun to outfit your horse in a costume? It can be a lot of fun to dress your horse up, but it's important to stay safe at the same time. According to Barnmice, you will want to think about your horse's character when designing your costume. If your horse is typically nervous or reactive, then it will be best to keep the costume simple and similar to the tack that he wears everyday.
Don't forget to also incorporate a helmet into your costume. Sure, it's glamorous to ride around the ring with your hair flowing behind you, but is it worth jeopardizing your safety? Head injuries are serious business.
Finally, include safety features in your costume. These features can be Velcro or ties that break away in case your costume becomes tangled. It's also a good idea to have a friend lead your horse if you're unsure of how he'll react to the costume.
Tons of time has gone into the creation of the costumes in this video, and it's no wonder. Which one is your favorite?
Resources Augustmac and Barnmice

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