Black stallion gallops across beach in moment of pure equine beauty

Need a moment to step back from the world's stresses and just relax? Then this is the perfect video for you. This short video features some of the most gorgeous beach scenes from the iconic movie, "The Black Stallion," orchestrated with the Irish song, "Caoineadh cu Chulainn." Watch as this magnificent black horse gallops through the beautiful beachfront, swims in the ocean, and ultimately takes the young boy, Alec, on the ride of his life.
Who hasn't wanted to be Alec on the Black, galloping along the surf with arms extended? It's a breathtaking scene that embodies the freedom that horses can provide us. Riding bareback and bridleless, Alec has the ultimate connection with this wild black horse. And oh, how we wish we could experience that wild galloping ride.
If you're lucky, you may get to take your horse to the beach for a ride one day. But just wildly galloping your horse down the beach can be dangerous, and can also put his health at risk. According to The Trail Rider, you should take things easy on your first beach ride. Give your horse a chance to explore the water - some horses may be afraid of the beach at first. It's a good idea to bring along a friend and their horse for reassurance; horses feel safer when they're in groups.
When you do get ready to ride in the water, keep in mind that the water's movement can affect your horse's balance. In a kind of seasickness, your horse may have trouble standing up after a bit of time in the water. If your horse feels odd, move him out of the water and give him a chance to get his bearings again.
Riding in deep beach sand is more athletically demanding on your horse than riding in a ring or field is, so take it easy. Make sure that your horse is fit enough to do what you're asking of him, and keep cantering and galloping to a minimum for your first few rides until your horse has adjusted to the demands of the beach.

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