Horse and rider leap over hurdles until this animal decides enough is enough

When you ride horses, you have to be prepared for the fact that things can change in an instant. You never know quite what will happen when you step into the show ring or begin a jumping round, and that's particularly true of this gray horse and his rider. Things seem to be going fine until the horse refuses at a fence, and though the rider does her best to stay on, she ultimately falls off.
And that's where things get out of control. The horse loses his bridle, then takes off galloping. And he's not content to stay within the ring, either - he high tails it out of the ring. Luckily, he doesn't run into anyone in the process.
It can be hard to catch a loose horse, especially one as wound up as this horse is. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to try to steer the horse into a safer area and wait for him to calm down a bit before approaching him.
But if a horse ever bolts with you on him, that's another story. When you're riding a runaway horse, you need to take immediate action to slow him down and regain control. According to Horse Channel, using a pulley rein can help to slow the horse's forward momentum by requiring him to bend his body. When using the pulley rein, you need to exert a steady pull with just one rein, bracing your hand against the crest of the horse's neck for support.
The pulley rein can be dangerous, potentially pulling your horse off-balance, so only use it if you truly can't regain control of your horse using traditional rein aides. Make sure that the horse has room to circle when you use the pulley rein, and keep the rein pressure until the horse slows.
While horses do bolt, it's pretty infrequent. Hopefully, it's not a situation that you'll ever need to deal with.

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