Two rescued tigers see water for the first time. The footage is breathtaking

If you thought cats don't like water, think again. When rescue tigers Carli and Lily get the chance to swim for the first time at the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, they go right for it.
The giant cats were rescued from a failed facility in New York, and are now being rehabilitated in a new sanctuary located in the remote Nevada desert. The cats new home and pool is an oasis all their own.
The one thing about living in the desert, though, is that the tin pools the sanctuaries usually use to keep the animals cool get way too hot in the sun. "So we've helped Save Haven build new inground pools that will keep the water cool and refreshing for the tigers to enjoy," explained Kelly Donithan, an International Fund For Animal Welfare rescue officer.
The last time Donithan saw the tigers she was rescuing them from their deplorable conditions in a dirty cage and suffering from neglect. Now, in Nevada, she got to see the tigers jump for joy into their new pool.
At first, Lilly goes right up to the pool but hesitates at the water's edge. Then, the tiger begins curiously splashing it with her paw when a look of amazement comes over her.
Soon Lilly is right in the water, quickly gliding from one side of the pool to the other. It's at this moment you see her natural water-loving instincts come right to the forefront.
Lilly begins playing around and relaxing at the water's edge, but then Carli comes along and she tries to show her friend how much fun this whole pool-thing is. Carli isn't so sure, though, and hangs around the edge for a while.
But, Lilly loves every second of it. Towards the end, you see her just wading in the water, eyes closed and head in the air -- soaking up the moment of pure joy.
"It's going to keep them happy, entertained, comfortable. And just give them a great life"
To see these majestic animals enjoy their first time in the water, be sure to check out the video below. It is sure to bring a smile to your face!