Rescued kangaroo hugs her rescuers every day. These 6 pictures prove what love really means

This has to be the most snuggly and affectionate kangaroo we've ever seen. We're used to those videos where the male kangaroos look like they've been going to the gym for the past ten years...but not Abby! She's all fluff and affection.
They call her Queen Abby, and she loves to start every day with hugs and snuggles. I mean, who doesn't? The following 6 pictures prove what true loves means:
Here's another angle:
She must be so grateful to her rescuers that she lets them know with big kangaroo hugs every day. Who could turn that down?
She currently resides at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. She's been there for ten years!
She arrived when she was only 5 months old. She's everyone's favorite, for obvious reasons!
These daily hugs have been going on almost since she arrived.
And we have just one last question for you...
How on earth could you resist that face?? There's no way we could.
Share this cutie with your friends and family! Next thing you know everyone will want to go out and hug a kangaroo.
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