Rescuers save drowning donkey caught in flood. Donkey repays them in the sweetest way

A donkey in Ireland discovered two things. First, he’s not a fish. Second, there are some very kind people in the world! The best part, however, is how this donkey repays his rescuers. The last picture truly says it all.
When wild flooding broke out, the gate to this donkey’s paddock was carried away in the swift water allowing the donkey to escape from his enclosure. And typical of donkeys, that’s exactly what he did.
Little did he realize that the flood waters would rise rapidly, creating a dangerous situation for him, possibly even a life-threatening one. As soon as his owner saw that the donkey had disappeared, he called Animal Heaven Animal Rescue for help. That’s when Suzanne Gibbons got involved.
The flood waters were up to the donkey’s chest, and he couldn’t escape. Suzanne knew that immediate help was needed or the donkey could suffer or even drown. That’s when she put out a call on the group’s Facebook page for help to save the donkey stranded in deep flood waters. She needed a boat and some men willing to come to the donkey’s aid.
In a short time, Mike Flemming, a member of the local rowing club, answered the call. He provided a boat and additional manpower. With a rope and a life preserver, Mike and his team were able to rescue the donkey, pulling him from the flood and guiding him back to shore.
Once back on land, the exhausted donkey was taken to a veterinarian where he was given a once-over by the staff. He was proclaimed in good condition except for some water in his lungs. They put him on antibiotics to ward off pneumonia.
It is a story of victory for the donkey, whom they called “Mike” after his rescuer. And what did the donkey think about it all? I think it’s pretty obvious from the expression on his face—he was grateful! Here is how that donkey repaid his rescuers:
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