Hilarious compilation of the funniest owls you'll see

Owls have been rather popular the past several years, and while some attribute the fondness people have for owls to the Harry Potter phenomenon, there are other opinions that make sense, too. One reason is because they are so cute. And, hey, cute sells. That’s why so many crafts people have made a good amount of money selling owl crafts on Etsy and in other marketplaces.
Another reason is because of what owls represent. For centuries owls have been associated with wisdom and learning. Many schools have adopted owls as their mascot or logo, visually stating that knowledge is resident there.
Some owls have a penchant for beauty, though, as this owl demonstrates in “doing” this girl’s hair. By picking up a strand here and there, perhaps she is arranging it to resemble a nest! Then there is the owl who appears to be getting a makeover herself, as she blinks sleepily while her own “hairdo” is blown into place.
While it is a myth that owls can turn their heads all the way around (they can turn it in 270° though!), the reason they turn their heads so far is due to the shape of their eyeballs. Or maybe we should say eye tubes. Shaped like tubes, their eyes extend deeply into their skulls, and they are fixed in place. So while you can move your eyes from side to side, the owl has to turn his head to see. Also, he can’t see well close up, although his distance vision is acute.
Even though the owl’s sight close up is limited, his hearing is excellent. He can hear prey under leaves, grass, snow and even dirt! And for an animal with such keen hearing, he makes almost no sound, himself. Known as “the silent hunter,” he is upon his prey before it even knows the owl is about.
Owls seem to love being petted. They will stand very still, allowing people to rub their heads and necks for long periods of time, closing their eyes in apparent ecstasy.
Since ancient days, owls have been favorite pet birds, showing up in Egyptian hieroglyphs and on extremely old cave paintings in France. It’s illegal to keep them as pets in the United States, but they are sociable and intelligent.
Owls continue to fascinate people. Watch this video, and you’ll see why!
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