Rescued goat has so much anxiety and trouble calming down. Here's the surprising fix to her woes

When Polly Pocket first arrived at the Goats of Anarchy rescue on July 12, 2016, she was a kid less than two months old and had to be bottle fed. When Goats of Anarchy founder Leanne Lauricella got a call asking to take Polly in and went to pick her up, she wasn't sure at first if she could handle a goat with such problems. Goats of Anarchy, based in New Jersey, is a farm animal rescue that helps goats with special needs.
Polly started out life facing many challenges. Life is tough for baby goats, but Polly's issues made it even tougher for her.
Polly was mostly blind, able to see only light and shadow. She also had neurological problems and digestive issues, and suffered from major anxiety attacks. When she became anxious, she was inconsolable, even when comforted with standard treatments like swaddling or a ThunderShirt.
She also would become lost in the house and lick the walls. She could go out in the yard with the other goats, and even acquired a young goat friend named Pippa, but she could not live in the barn with them. She would always be an indoor goat.
One day, Lauricella decided to try a Halloween duck costume she had. To her surprise, Polly immediately calmed down. She even went to sleep in it and goes out in public with Lauricella on errands while wearing it.
Polly also has the ability, unusual in goats, to sit up in her costumes, which now also include a unicorn
a pea pod
and a pig.
Goats of Anarchy Instagram
Polly has become a star on the Goats of Anarchy Instagram account. Her story has appeared in People and on It's also the subject of an upcoming children's book, Polly and Her Duck Costume: A True Story of a Little Goat and Her Favorite Costume. She turned a year old in May 2017.

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