Wolf was hit by a car and left to die. Then, a miracle happened

Southern Israel has a wolf population roaming the countryside. The small Arabian wolf is an endangered species in the Middle East, thanks to its taste for domestic livestock, but 100-150 are left in the Negev Desert. Unfortunately, endangered doesn't automatically mean protected, which is how a shy and very wild wolf named Oliel ended up at the vet.
Oliel was found by the roadside by a woman in December 2014, limping and frantic. He had been hit by a car. He had internal injuries and fractures in all four legs. She was able to trap him and bring him to The Israeli Wildlife Hospital in Tel Aviv, where he was treated. He wouldn't have survived, otherwise.
The Israeli Wildlife Hospital
The Israeli Wildlife Hospital specializes in treating and rehabilitating endangered wildlife like Oliel. Oliel's leg was set and operated on. It took four months, but he was finally able to make a full recovery.
The Israeli Wildlife Hospital
Throughout, he remained extremely wary of humans. Fortunately, that was all part of the plan, since Oliel was being nursed back to health so he could be returned to the wild.
The Israeli Wildlife Hospital
At the end of his rehabilitation period, Oliel was taken out to a hillside in a crate and released. The journey in a strange truck bewildered him. At first, he huddled in his crate, not sure what was going on or if it was safe to leave.​
The Israeli Wildlife Hospital
Eventually, he realized he was free. As soon as he did, he shot out and ran across the plain.
The Israeli Wildlife Hospital
Oliel was wild once again.
Hopefully, he won't get hit by any more cars.
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