Woman left back door open as storm grew near, completely surprised to find 3 deer inside her home

Imgur user Amscoli has an unusual hobby. She rehabilitates orphaned animals. Her wildlife friends seem to love her and their trust in her care was rewarded recently during a big storm.
Amscoli went outside to find her baby friends, but couldn't locate them anywhere. She was especially worried about three fawns. But leaving her back door open when she went out was an open invitation for the little deer to make themselves at home.
She had been feeding the fawns since she found them, and she was the only mama they knew. So when the storm started brewing, they knew where to come for safety.
The orphaned animals that live around Amscoli's house are familiar with both her and her dog, Quinn. He often meets them at the door to share a morning hello.​
By some innate method that scientists don't yet understand, animals are more accurate predictors of weather that our technologically enhanced weathermen are. So by the time Amscoli went out to check on the fawns, they were already aware of the impending storm and headed to shelter.
Deer, according to Amscoli, express gratitude in much the same way that dogs do. They cover your face with "kisses." So who could resist those precious faces?
Read about this amazing happenstance. Deer in the living room! What would you do if you discovered that the local fauna had taken up residence in your living room? I'd positively love it! What about you?

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